Where should IGS2021 be organized?

Hans-Leo Teulings

IGS Website Manager (2007-2017)
Historically IGS organizes very 2 years in one of the 3 regions without repeating a region:
o Europe, Africa
o Americas
o Asia, Australia

https://graphonomics.net/igs2017/ was in: Europe, Africa
https://graphonomics.net/igs2019/ was in the Americas

https://graphonomics.net/igs2021/ will be in: Europe and close to Africa

IGS2023 could be in:
another region than Europe or Africa selected for IGS2021

IGS2025 could again be in Europe

Please, email bids for organizing the next IGS conference to:
IGS President: Prof.Dr. Claudio De Stefano destefano@unicas.it

For info on how to organize an IGS conference, please, Google:
Guidelines for Graphonomics conference organizers
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