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Old 2010-06-04, 06:32 PM
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Default IGS2003.pdf (9 MB) 11th IGS conference: 2-5 Nov. 2003 Scottsdale, Arizona, USA

(Continued from previous posting)


Classical Comparisons

253 Marvin L. SIMNER, Angelo MARCELLI, Sergey ABLAMEYKO, Klaus W. LANGE, and Jairo ROCHA, and Oliver TUCHA
A Comparison of Arabic Numeral Allographs Written by Adults from English Speaking vs. Non-English Speaking Countries

257 Jodi C. SITA, Doug ROGERS, and Bryan FOUND
A Model using Complexity Classification, Spatial Score and Line Quality for Forensic Signature Comparison

Automatic Writer Recognition

261 Zhixin SHI, Bin ZHANG, Catalin TOMAI, and Sargur N. SRIHARI
Recognition-based System for Handwriting Verification and Identification

266 Ajay SHEKHAWAT, Sargur N. SRIHARI, and Subir PARULEKAR
Individuality Studies for Online Handwriting

270 Bin ZHANG and Sargur N. SRIHARI
Handwriting Identification Using Multi-scale Features

Grapheme Based Writer Verification

Stroke Feature Extraction

278 Sargur N. SRIHARI and Graham LEEDHAM
A Survey of Computer Methods in Forensic Document Examination

282 Merijn VAN ERP, Louis G. VUURPIJL, Katrin FRANKE, and Lambert R.B. SCHOMAKER
The WANDA Measurement Tool for Forensic Document Examination

286 Katsuhiko UEDA, Ken-ichi MATSUO, and Yoshikazu NAKAMURA
A Computer-Based System to Support Forensic Analysis of Japanese Handwriting

291 Graham LEEDHAM, Vladimir PERVOUCHINE, WeiKei TAN and Arun JACOB
Automatic Quantitative Letter Level Extraction of Features used by Document Examiners

Pen Movements and Documents

295 Katrin FRANKE and Lambert SCHOMAKER
Pen Orientation Characteristics of Online Handwritten Signatures

299 Jodi C. SITA, Doug ROGERS, and Bryan FOUND
Spatial Comparison of Questioned to Specimen Signatures using Matrix Analysis Software

304 Sumit CHACHRA, Himanshu SAHANI, Vinod KUMAR, and H.K. VERMA
Adaptive Segmentation of On-Line Signatures

308 Matthieu WIROTIUS and Nicole VINCENT
Stroke inner structure invariance in handwriting

312 Hung-Chun CHEN, Sung-Hyuk CHA, Yi-Min CHEE, and Charles C. TAPPERT
The Detection of Forged Handwriting Using a Fractal Number Estimate of Wrinkliness

316 Graham LEEDHAM, Vladimir PERVOUCHINE, WeiKei TAN, and Arun JACOB
Assessment of the Stability and Usefulness of some Handwriting Features used by Document Examiners to Identify Authorship

Information Retrieval based Writer Identification

324 Takeshi FURUKAWA, Kazuhiko KOBAYASHI, and Yoko SEKI
The Reconstruction of Handwriting of Japanese Kana Characters using Velocity Profiles of Pen-Tip

329 Author's Index
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