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Default IGS2009.pdf (11 MB) 14th IGS conference: 13-16 Sep. 2009, Dijon, France


Table of Contents

A Computational Approach to Forensic Sciences
Katrin FRANKE ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1

A Combining Method of Non-linear Normalization to Support Reading Damaged Character Pattern on Historical
Akihito KITADAI, Masaki NAKAGAWA, Hajime BABA and Akihiro WATANABE ----------------------------- 2

Analysis of Signature Complexity
Linda C. ALEWIJNSE, C. Elisa VAN DEN HEUVEL, Reinoud D. STOEL and Katrin FRANKE ---------------- 6

Towards a Protocol for Forensic Document Examination based on Handwriting Generation
Sergio FRONTINI, Giuseppe GIORDANO and Angelo MARCELLI ------------------------------------------------ 10

Towards an Inferred Data Accuracy Assessment of Forensic Document Examination Methodologies for Signatures
Richard M. GUEST, Michael C. FAIRHURST and Tristan A. LINNELL ------------------------------------------- 14

Detecting the Effect of Alcohol Consumption using On-line Handwritten Signature
Hiroshi NAITO, Won-Du CHANG and Jungpil SHIN ------------------------------------------------------------------ 18

Evaluation of Novel Features and Different Models for Online Signature Verification in a Real-World Scenario
Marcus LIWICKI ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 22

Pen Pressure as a Discriminatory Feature between Genuine and Forged Signatures
Linton MOHAMMED, Bryan FOUND, Michael CALIGIURI and Doug ROGERS -------------------------------- 26

Complex bimanual coordination is performed accurately using verbal instructions in Parkinson’s disease patients
Arend W. VAN GEMMERT, Shannon D. RINGENBACH, Holly A. SHILL and George E. STELMACH- --- 30

Assessments of Fine Motor Control in Parkinson’s disease Patients with the NeuroskillTM Analysis of Handwriting
Ruth SHRAIRMAN and Alexander LANDAU --------------------------------------------------------------------------- 34

Parkinson’s Disease Differentially Affects Adaptation to Gradual as Compared to Sudden Visuomotor Distortions

Handwriting performance measures of ‘real life’ tasks: A comparison between the performance of patients with
Parkinson’s disease and controls
Sara ROSENBLUM, Margalit SAMUEL, Sharon ZLOTNIK, and Ilana SCHLESINGER ------------------------ 43

Movement Analysis for Stroke Susceptibility Assessment
Christian O’REILLY and Pierre A. MATHIEU -------------------------------------------------------------------------- 48

Handwriting in Patients with Parkinson's Disease: Effect of L-Dopa and Stimulation of the Sub-Thalamic Nucleus
on Motor Anticipation
Christel BIDET-ILDEI, Sonia KANDEL, Pierre POLLACK and Jean-Pierre ORLIAGUET ---------------------- 52

Designing an Ensemble Classifier for Classifying Parkinsonian Handwriting
and Jitendra KUMAR -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 56

Automatic analysis of online-sketch based on use of local descriptors
Ney RENAU-FERRER and Céline REMI --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 60

Writer Identification of Arabic Documents by Multi-scale Modelling
Zhixin SHI, Srirangaraj SETLUR and Venu GOVINDARAJU -------------------------------------------------------- 64

High Frequency Stimulation of the Brain: Current Results and Future Applications
Alim-Louis BENABID, Stephan CHABARDES, Pierre POLLACK and Jean-François LEBAS ----------------- 69

Language and Writing Development. How language problems can constrain the development of writing in children
Vince CONNELLY ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 70

Temporal Aspects of Handwriting Skill Development: A Computerized Study Utilizing the ComPET
Liat R. GAFNI LACHETR and Sara ROSENBLUM -------------------------------------------------------------------- 71

Gender and stereotype effect οn children’s handwriting speed
Klio SEMOGLOU, Eleni GRIVA and Kyriaki KLAPADORA -------------------------------------------------------- 75

Impact of children’s handwriting skill on execution periods and text quality
Thierry OLIVE, Rui A. ALVES, Sao Luis CASTRO and Marta BRANCO ------------------------------------------ 79

For a Psycholinguistic Approach of Handwriting Production
Sonia KANDEL --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 83

Syllable frequency effects in Spanish handwriting production
Olivia AFONSO and Carlos J. ÁLVAREZ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 87

Handwriting Variability in children writing letters : a study in dyslexics, dysgraphics and proficient handwriters
Jean-Luc VELAY, Florence HENIN, Cécile MOULIN, Tiphanie THOMAS, Isabelle DEVOS-CHARLES
and Michel HABIB ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 91

Bayesian evaluation of the shape of handwritten characters “a”
Raymond MARQUIS, Silvia BOZZA, Matthieu SCHMITTBUHL and Franco TARONI ------------------------- 95

Disguising writers identification: an experimental study
Claudio DE STEFANO, Angelo MARCELLI and Marco RENDINA ------------------------------------------------ 99

Handwriting Variability in Movement Disorder Patients and Effects of Fatigue
Heidi H. HARRALSON, Hans-Leo TEULINGS and Becky G. FARLEY ------------------------------------------ 103

Comparing Handwriting Variability under four Postural Conditions
Emmanuelle SCIACCA, Marie-Blanche LANGLOIS-PETER, Jean-Claude GILHODES, Pierre MARGOT and
Jean-Luc VELAY ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 108

Haptics in handwriting teaching
Florence BARA, Anne HILLAIRET DE BOISFERON and Edouard GENTAZ ----------------------------------- 112

Early development of writing skills: A longitudinal study with pre-school writers
Olga SOLER VILAGELIU and Sonia KANDEL ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 116

The links between motor development and the development of handwriting among eight- to twelve-year-olds
Isabelle SAGE, Pascal ZESIGER and Catherine GARITTE ----------------------------------------------------------- 120

A comparison of three methods of learning to write a new letterform
Anneloes J. A. A. M. OVERVELDE and Wouter HULSTIJN -------------------------------------------------------- 124

Developmental and handedness effects on tapping and drawing performance in 3-to-6 year olds
Hanneke I. VAN MIER ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 128

Drawing in blind and visually impaired children
Annie VINTER, Viviane FERNANDES and Philippe CLAUDET --------------------------------------------------- 133

The development of gender and task related differences in fine motor tasks
Antonia YPSILANTI, Argiro ZIKOULI , Klio SEMOGLOU and Eleni KADREFI -------------------------------- 137

Do 5-year-old children and adults spontaneously draw “ golden rectangles and triangles"?
Edouard GENTAZ and Véronique IZARD ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 141

Handwriting difficulties in Tunisian Children. A preliminary survey
Sana BOUAMAMA, Natale STUCCHI, Pascal ZESIGER and I. BOUZAOUACHE ------------------------------ 144

Offline Cursive Character Recognition: A state-of-the-art comparison
John THORNTON, Jolon FAICHNEY, Michael BLUMENSTEIN, Vu NGUYEN and Trevor HINE ---------- 148

Modeling Relative Positioning of Handwritten Patterns
Adrien DELAYE, Sébastien MACE and Eric ANQUETIL ------------------------------------------------------------ 152
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