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Default IGS1989*.pdf (7 MB, 2 MB) 4th IGS conference: 24-26 Jul. 1989 Trondheim, Norway


Fourth Conference of the
International Graphonomics Society
Trondheim, Norway
JULY 24-26, 1989


18.00 Registration

19.00 Informal get together


08.30 Registration (con)

1.1: COMBINED SESSION 09.00-10.00

Opening session
(Chair: Nils Sovik)

09.00 Welcome to the Conference on Development of Graphic Skills
Nils Sovik

09.15 Rektor of the University of Trondheim, AVH, Norway
Eiliv Steinnes

09.30 President of the International Graphonomic Society
Ar Thomassen

09.50 Scientific programme
Alan Wing

10.00 COFFEE


Individual variation in handwriting
(Chair: Henry Kao)

10.20 Developmental dynamics of handwriting: A new approach to
appraising the relation between handwriting and personality
Alan Wing, MRC APU, UK
(with F.Watts, V.Sharma)

10.45 The effects of teachers' personal handwriting on how they represent
the school model.
Rosemary Sassoon, Sevenoaks, Kent, UK

11.10 Allographic variability in adult handwriting.
Rudolf van der Plaats, NICI, Nimegen, HOLLAND
(with G.van Galen)

11.35 Variability in children's handwriting: Appraising spatial
John Wann, MRC APU, UK
(with M.Kadirkamanathan)

12.00 LUNCH

The lexicon in handwriting recognition
(Chair: Graham Leedham)

10.20 How hidden are letters in words?
Evelyne Andreewsky. Hopital de la Salpetriere, FRANCE
(with F.Cochu, V.Rosenthal, C.Parisse, A.Imadache.)

10.45 A fast dictionary search technique.
David Ford, Univ of Nottingham, UK
(with C.Higgins)

11.10 A comparison of N-grams and a tree structure for letter graph
Colin Higgins, Univ of Nottingham, UK
(with D.Ford)

11.35 The use of orthographic information for script recognition.
C. Wells, Trent Poly, UK
(with L.Evett, R.Whitrow)

12.00 LUNCH


Movement kinematics in graphic skills

(Chair: Gerard van Galen)

13.00 Evolution of handwriting in elementary education.
Joseph Mojet, Univ of Leiden, HOLLAND

13.25 Kinematic and geometrical aspects of drawing movements: Effects of
age and context.
Annie Vinter, Univ of Geneva, SWITZERLAND
(with P.Mounod)

13.50 Analysis of children's handwriting based on the heliscript model
for script synthesis
E. Dooijes, Univ of Amsterdam, HOLLAND
(with E.Hamstra-Bletz)

14.15 Spatial and kinematic aspects of fast pen-jumps.
Ruud Meulenbroek, NICI, Nimegen, HOLLAND
(with A.Thomassen)

14.40 TEA

Recognition of strokes in handwriting
(Chair: Colin Higgins)

13.00 A computer generation model of brush-written Chinese characters
suitable for reflecting personalities and its applications.
Jianchao Zeng, Osaka Univ, JAPAN
(with X.Zhang, T.Inoue, H.Sanada, Y.Tezuka.)

13.25 An online handwriting-recognition system based on unreliable
Hans-Leo Teulings, NICI, Nimegen, HOLLAND
(with L.Schomaker)

13.50 A statistical analysis on the structure of handwritten characters.
Shozo Kondo, Tokai Univ, JAPAN

14.15 A segmentation algorithm for cursive script analysis.
Maha Kadirkamanathan, Cambridge Univ, UK
(with P.Rayner)

14.40 TEA

1.4: PARALLEL FORMAT. PAPERS 15.00-16.15

Handwriting assessment
(Chair: Marvin Simner)

15.00 Handwriting training: Computer aided tools for remedial teaching.
Frans Maarse, NICI, Nimegen, HOLLAND
(with J. van de Veerdonk)

15.25 Graphoanalytic analysis of middle-school "Dyslexic" and "normal"
students' handwriting.
Joanne Phelps, Texas Scottish Rite Hospital, USA
(with L.Stempel)

15.50 Evaluation of handwriting by magnitude estimation.
Cees Bruinsma, Free Univ, Amsterdam, HOLLAND
(with C.Nieuwenhuis)

Handwritten character recognition
(Chair: Hans-Leo Teulings)

15.00 Structural pattern matching method for handwritten characters.
Kunio Takahashi, Kanagawa Univ, JAPAN
(with H.Amanuma, A.Shimura)

15.25 A new method for automatic cursive handwriting recognition.
Hamouche Oulhadj, Univ de Paris Val-de-Marne, FRANCE
(with G.Lorette, E. Petit, J.Lemoine, M.Gaudaire)

15.50 Author's Meeting: Pattern Recognition
Rejean Plamondon

15: COMBINED SESSION 16.15-17.00

DOGS student bursar
(Chair: George Stelmach)

16.15 The development of handwriting posture: a comparison between
left-handers and right-handers.
Sylvie Athenes, CNRS INF1, Marseille, FRANCE
(with Y.Guiard)

17.00 SUPPER


Handwriting and personality
(Chair: Joanne Phelps)

18.30 Experimental analysis of handwriting behaviour and personality
traits in normals and schizophrenics
Violet Goan, Univ of Hong Kong, HONG KONG
(with H.Kao)

18.50 Evolutionary graphology
Renna Nezos, Acad of Graphology, London, UK
19.10 What is graphology?
Vidyut Sharma, Acad of Graphology, London, UK

19.30 Ritalin treatment vs the placebo effect in attention deficit disorder
Sara Cohen Bar-Kama, Technion Inst of Technology, ISRAEL
(with E.Tirosh, R.El-Hassid)

19.50 Handwriting as a tool in the diagnosis of the hyperactive child
Sara Cohen Bar-Kama, Technion Inst of Technology, ISRAEL

Acquisition of graphic skills
(Chair: Ian Nimmo-Smith)

18.30 A rationale for using cursive writing in teaching dyslexic students
Joan MacKay, Dyslexia Inst, Harrogate, UK

18.50 Handwriting practice can be fun
Jane Taylor, Weymouth, Dorset, UK

19.10 Music resolves writing problems.
Ragnhold Oussoren-Voors, SSF, Nacka, SWEDEN

19.30 Frostig's DTVP as a diagnostic tool for poor writers
Teresa Fogliana-Messina, Univ Palazzo Sangiuliano, ITALY
(with G.Strano)
19.50 Relations between children's art perception, painting and writing.
Rzonca Czeslaw, Jagiiellonian Univ, POLAND

Movement control
(Chair: TBA)

18.30 The proximo-distal debate revisited - is wrist movement a
significant intermediate control variable?
Jacqueline Black, Brisbane Coll of Adv Education, AUSTRALIA
(with P.Brown, S.Hay)

18.50 A cognitive-motor model of handwriting and its ERP correlates
Stewart Lam, Univ of Hong Kong,
(with H.Kao)

19.10 Movement sequencing in handwriting of paatients with Parkinson's
J. Phillips, Bendigo Coll of Adv Education, AUSTRALIA
(with G.Stelmach, H.Meeuwsen)

19.30 Disfluency in writing
P. Keuss, Free Univ, Amsterdam, HOLLAND
(with R.van Doom)

Pattern recognition (with calligraphy)
(Chair: Lisa Welbourn)

18.30 Field evaluation of signature verification by machine
Alan Wing, MRC APU, UK

18.50 A segmentation method for cursive script recognition
David Ford, Univ of Nottingham, UK
(with C.Higgins)

19.10 A cursive script recognition demonstrator
David Ford, Univ of Nottingham, UK
(with C.Higgins, H.Symm)

19.30 Analysis and textual research by the Chinese regular script
Ying So, Beijing, CHINA
(with H.Fan)

20.10 Analysis and textual research by the Chinese running script and
cursive hand of script calligraphy arts
Hsue Hsuan Fan, Beijing, CHINA



Development dysfunction and handwriting
(Chair: Judith Laszlo)

08.35 Predicting learning problems in school from children's
handwriting: A review.
Marvin Simner, Univ of W Ontario, CANADA

09.10 The empirical verification of an early prognosis of dyslexia/dysgraphia Jan Fenczyn, Jagiellonian Univ, POLAND

09.35 Developmental trends of children's reading and writing performances - Grade 3 though 6. Annlaug Flem-Maeland, Univ i Trondheim, NORWAY
(with R.Karlsdottir)

10.00 COFFEE

Recognition; special applications
(Chair: E Dooijes)

08.20 The PAD (pen and display): A demonstrator for the electronic paper
Colin Higgins, Univ of Nottingham, UK
(with R.Duckworth)

08.45 Automatic perception of the structure of handwritten mathematical
Claudie Faure, ENST/SIG CNRS, Paris, FRANCE
(with Z.Wang)

09.10 Pitman's handwritten shorthand: Machine recognition and
Graham Leedham, Univ of Essex, UK

09.35 A gesture based text and diagram editor.
Lisa Welbourn, Trent Poly, UK
(with R.Whitrow)

10.00 COFFEE

2.2: PARALLEL FORMAT, PAPERS 10.20-12.00

Dysfunction and ageing
(Chair: Ar Thomassen)

10.20 Linguistic norms and writing problems: Do conflicting linguistic
norms represent a determining factor?
Ragnar Thygesen, Univ i Trondheim, NORWAY i

10.45 Graphic skills used as a screening method of cognitive dysfunction
in old age.
Kjerstin Ericcsson, Huddinge Univ Hospital, SWEDEN
(with L.Forssell et al)

11.10 What can indices of handwriting quality tell us about parkinsonian
J. Phillips, Macquarie Univ, AUSTRALIA
(with G.Stelmach, N.Teasdale)

11.35 Motor program building and execution in Parkinsonian
Hans-Leo Teulings, NICI, Nimegen, HOLLAND
(with G.Stelmach)

12.00 LUNCH

Signature recognition
(Chair: Claudie Faure)

10.20 A knowledge based waveform interpretation system for intelligent
sensing of defects in materials
Khalid Siddiqui, Creighton Univ, USA
(with C.Suen, D.Hay.)

10.45 25 years of automatic personal identification through handwriting.
Rejean Plamondon, Ecole Poly, Montreal, CANADA
(with G.Lorette)

11.10 A mixing of dynamic and static parameters for signature
Mohammed Achemlal, SEPT/PEM, Paris, FRANCE
(with R.Collot, M.Mourier)

11.35 Signature analysis by computer.
Yuuji Yoshida, Nagoya Univ, JAPAN
(with M.Ammar, T.Fukumura)

12.00 LUNCH
HLT (Reach me by searching: NeuroScript, Tempe, AZ 85282, USA. Tel +1-480-350 9200)

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