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Default Special Issue of IGS2013 contributions

Special Section:
Graphonomics and its contribution to the field of motor behavior

Guest Editors:
Arend W. A. Van Gemmert & Jose L. Contreras-Vidal

Human Movement Science 43 (2015) 165 – 249

165 A.W.A. Van Gemmert and J.L. Contreras-Vidal, Graphonomics and its contribution to the field of motor behavior: A position statement

169 J. Robertson and R. Guest, A feature based comparison of pen and swipe based signature characteristics

183 T. Duval, C. Rémi, R. Plamondon, J. Vaillant and C. O’Reilly, Combining sigma-lognormal modeling and classical features for analyzing graphomotor performances in kindergarten children

201 S. Rosenblum, Do motor ability and handwriting kinematic measures predict organizational ability among children with Developmental Coordination Disorders?

216 J. Danna, M. Fontaine, V. Paz-Villagrán, C. Gondre, E. Thoret, M. Aramaki, R. Kronland-Martinet, S. Ystad and J.-L. Velay, The effect of real-time auditory feedback on learning new characters

229 J.C. Sita and K.A. Taylor, Eye movements during the handwriting of words: Individually and within sentences

239 T. Kondo, M. Saeki, Y. Hayashi, K. Nakayashiki and Y. Takata, Effect of instructive visual stimuli on neurofeedback training for motor imagery-based brain–computer interface
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