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Default IGS2011 Report by Heidi Harralson

It was a very good conference. The venue was beautiful and I really enjoyed going to the Mayan ruins (which was the highlight of the conference for me!). Also, sea turtles were coming up in the evening and laying eggs on the shore and I watched that process one evening under the full moon (which was the other highlight). Martin Jarvis and I went to a symphony in downtown Cancun one evening and went behind the stage and met the musicians (another highlight). So, as you can see, my most memorable moments of the conference really weren't at the conference at all! Still, it was well-organized, many papers were interesting but the other activities were really distracting!

For future reference, I recommend giving everyone a hard copy of the proceedings as there were several complaints about this and I find it personally helps me to focus better on the presentations when I can refer to the paper in front of me. It wasn't so bad for me because I had my laptop in front of me, but most others didn't.

Also, I wonder how the posters are selected. For example, why was mine selected for a poster presentation while others were not? I really liked the poster presentation. I think the research got more and better feedback than as an oral presentation. However, there were probably a few speakers who had troubles with English or just weren't very good presenters and their material would have been better served as a poster. But you were right about the poster presentation getting different kind of feedback. I am very glad I did a poster as I had never presented an academic poster before.

Heidi Harralson
HLT (Reach me by searching: NeuroScript, Tempe, AZ 85282, USA. Tel +1-480-350 9200)

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