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Default Special Issue of IGS2015 contributions

Special Issue:
Drawing and Handwriting Processing for User-Centered Systems

Guest Editors:
G. Pirlo, R. Plamondon and E. Anquetil

IEEE Transactions on Human-Machine Systems 47 (2017) 165 – 303

165 Special Issue on Drawing and Handwriting Processing for User-Centered Systems
G. Pirlo, R. Plamondon and E. Anquetil

169 Signature Verification Based on the Kinematic Theory of Rapid Human Movements
A. Fischer and R. Plamondon

181 A User-Centered Segmentation Method for Complex Historical Manuscripts Based on Document Graphs
A. Garz, M. Seuret, A. Fischer, and R. Ingold

194 SketchSeeker: Finding Similar Sketches
S. Polsley, J. Ray, and T. Hammond

206 Recognition of Paper-Based Conceptual Models Captured Under Uncontrolled Conditions
S. Oppl, C. Stary, and S. Vogl

221 Synthetic Word Gesture Generation for Stroke-Based Virtual Keyboards
U. Burgbacher and K. Hinrichs

235 Identification and Rating of Developmental Dysgraphia by Handwriting Analysis
J. Mekyska, M. Faundez-Zanuy, Z. Mzourek, Z. Galaz, Z. Smekal, and S. Rosenblum

249 The Influence of the Spatio-Temporal Terzi Treatment on the Kinematics of Cursive Writing of Dysgraphic Subjects
A. Accardo, F. Costa, and I. Perrone

259 Combining Speech and Handwriting Modalities for Mathematical Expression Recognition
S. Medjkoune, H. Mouchère, S. Petitrenaud, and C. Viard-Gaudin

273 EMOTHAW: A Novel Database for Emotional State Recognition From Handwriting and Drawing
L. Likforman-Sulem, A. Esposito, M. Faundez-Zanuy, S. Clémençon, and G. Cordasco

285 End-to-End Online Writer Identification With Recurrent Neural Network
X.-Y. Zhang, G.-S. Xie, C.-L. Liu, and Y. Bengio

293 Identifying Developmental Dysgraphia Characteristics Utilizing Handwriting Classification Methods
S. Rosenblum and G.Dror

299 Handwriting Movement Sonification: Why and How?
J. Danna and J.-L. Velay
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