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Default IGS2003.pdf (9 MB) 11th IGS conference: 2-5 Nov. 2003 Scottsdale, Arizona, USA


Neural Signals

Control of a Robot Hand and Other Applications Using Neural Signals through an Implant

5 Jay ALBERTS, Christopher ELDER, Michael OKUN, and Jerrold VITEK
Impact of Deep Brain Stimulation on Force Control in Parkinson’s Disease

9 Rachael D. SEIDLER, Douglas C. NOLL, and Prudhvi CHINTALAPATI
Neural Substrates Contributing to Generalization of Aiming Movements

13 Hanneke I. VAN MIER and Steven E. PETERSEN
Changes in Brain Activations during Sequential Motor Learning

Fingers and Forces

18 Sara WINGES and Marco SANTELLO
Motor Unit Synchrony and Force Coordination during 5-Digit Grasping

21 Mark L. LATASH, Jae kun SHIM, Fan GAO, and Vladimir M. ZATSIORSKY
Two Control Processes Associated with Multi-Digit Prehension

Functional Brain Asymmetries During Unimanual Visuomotor Tracking

30 Thomas E. JERDE, John F. SOECHTING, and Martha FLANDERS
Analysis of Errors in ASL Fingerspelling

34 Bouwien C.M. SMITS-ENGELSMAN, Yvonne WESTENBERG, Roeland R. SMITS, and Gerard P. Van GALEN
Developmental Trends in Signal-to-Noise Ratios in Bimanual Isometric Force

Control Repetitive Patterns

38 Natalia V. DOUNSKAIA, Caroline J. KETCHAM, and George E.STELMACH
Arm Geometry and Sinusoidal Joint Movements Predict The Bell-Shaped Velocity and the Two-Third Power Law

42 Caroline J. KETCHAM, Natalia V. DOUNSKAIA, and George E. STELMACH
Control of Multijoint Drawing Movements: A Comparison of Young and Elderly Adults

46 Sylvie ATHÈNES, Isabelle SALLAGOÏTY, Jean-Michel ALBARET, and Pier-Giorgio ZANONE
Universal Features of Handwriting : Towards a Non-linear Model

50 Isabelle SALLAGOÏTY., Sylvie ATHÈNES, Pier-Giorgio ZANONE, and Jean-Michel ALBARET
Alterations of Graphic Production under Various Constraints Follow Principled Modifications in Underlying Pattern Dynamics

Feedback and Adaptation

Learning Multiple Visuomotor Transformations: Adaptation and Context-Dependent Recall

59 Florian A. KAGERER, Jin BO, Jose L. CONTRERAS-VIDAL, and Jane E. CLARK
Visuomotor Adaptation in Children with Developmental Coordination Disorder

Models of Movement

63 Daniel BULLOCK
From Parallel Sequence Representations to Calligraphic Control

67 Anna WOCH and Réjean PLAMONDON
The Problem of Movement Primitives in the Context of the Kinematic Theory

72 Jose L CONTRERAS-VIDAL and Shihua WEN
Predicting Functional Activation (Synthetic PET) and Kinematics during Visuomotor Adaptation to Distorted Kinematic Environments using a Neural Network Model


The Impact of Workspace on Writing Performance: A Comparison between 6, 8 and 10 Year Old Children

Pen Strokes

81 Moussa DJIOUA and Réjean PLAMONDON
Relationship between Proportionality Law and Lognormality of a Coupled System Response

86 Kazuhiko KOBAYASHI
Estimate Kinematical Parameters of Finger and Wrist During
Handwriting Movements by means of Short Line Segments Drawing

90 James G. PHILLIPS, Tom J. TRIGGS, Roger STEVENSON, and James W. MEEHAN
Independence of Perception and Action during Drawing?

95 Robert R.A. VAN DOORN, Hanneke I. VAN MIER, Pieter J.A. UNEMA, and Koen J.M. JANSSEN
The Effect of Instructed Dwell Time on the Performance of Successive Aimed Pen Movements

99 Hans-Leo TEULINGS and Arend W.A. VAN GEMMERT
Goal-Directed Movements in Menu Selection in Computer-User Interfaces

103 Diana H. ROMERO and Hans-Leo TEULINGS
Submovement Analysis in Goal-Directed Movements

107 Hans-Leo TEULINGS and Diana ROMERO
Submovement Analysis in Learning Cursive Handwriting or Block Print

111 Jules G. BLOEMSAAT, Gerard P. VAN GALEN, and Ruud G.J. MEULENBROEK
Activation Patterns in Forearm and Neck Muscles as a Function of Movement Speed and Memory Load

115 Joel REITHLER, Hanneke VAN MIER, and Gerard VAN BREUKELEN
Effects of Mental and Physical Practice in a Sequential Motor Learning Task

Disorders and Drugs

119 Charles H. ADLER, Arend W. A. VAN GEMMERT, Hans-Leo TEULINGS, and George E. STELMACH
A Quantitative Analysis of the Production of the Archimedes Spiral in Parkinson’s disease patients and Controls

123 Brandon ROHRER and Neville HOGAN
Submovement Overlap as a Measure of Movement Smoothness

127 Sam CHINDARO, Richard M. GUEST, Michael C. FAIRHURST, and Jonathan M. POTTER
Assessing Visuo-Spatial Neglect through Feature Selection and Combination from Geometric Shape Drawing Performance and Sequence Analysis

131 Klaus W. LANGE, Steffen ASCHENBRENNER, Tobias MEISSNER, and Oliver TUCHA
Nicotine and Handwriting

136 Oliver TUCHA, Lara MECKLINGER, Rainer LAUFKÖTTER, Geraldine M. PAUL, Helmfried E. KLEIN, and Klaus W. LANGE
Effects of Stimulant Medication on Handwriting in Children and Adults with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Measuring Disorders

141 Gregory J. IMLAY and George E. STELMACH
Targeted Isometric Index Finger Force Production

145 Oliver TUCHA, Lara MECKLINGER, Geraldine M. PAUL, and Christian SMELY
Handwriting in a Patient with a Mass Lesion of the Left Frontal Lobe

150 Klaus W. LANGE, Oliver TUCHA, Astrid REITER, Lara MECKLINGER, Silke BIRZER, Gesine L. ALDERS, Heino SARTOR, and Marcus NAUMANN
Disturbances of Handwriting Fluency in Parkinson's Disease

Children and Learning

155 Stephen GROSSBERG
How Do Children Learn to Write? Modeling the link from brain dynamics to complex sensory-motor control

159 Eugene A.A. RAMECKERS, Bouwien C.M. SMITS ENGELSMAN, and Jacques DUYSENS
Influence of Visual Feedback on Force Generation and Force Control in Children with Spastic Hemiplegia during Isometric Manual Tasks

164 Anneloes J.A.A.M. OVERVELDE, Bouwien C.M. SMITS ENGELSMAN, Mireille THE, and Wouter HULSTIJN
Implicit and Explicit Learning in Children with Learning Disabilities: A Comparison between Children scoring Low on the Perceptual Organization factor of the WISC-R and Children scoring Low on the Freedom From Distractibility factor

169 Sara ROSENBLUM, Shula PARUSH, Liora EPSZTEIN, and Patrice L. WEISS
Process Versus Product Evaluation of Poor Handwriting among Children with Developmental Dysgraphia and ADHD

Computers in Schools

174 Iyad ZAAROUR, Laurent HEUTTE, Bassam ETER, Jacques LABICHE, Daniel MELLIER, Philippe LERAY, and Mohamed ZOAETER
A Probabilistic Modeling of the Writing Strategies Evolution for Pupils in Primary Education

178 Iyad ZAAROUR, Laurent HEUTTE, Bassam ETER, Jacques LABICHE, and Daniel MELLIER
A Bayesian Network Model for Discovering Handwriting Strategies of Primary School Children

182 Oliver TUCHA, Sigrun RICHTER, and Klaus W. LANGE
Intention to Write and Handwriting in Children and Young Adults

187 Martin A. E. VAN HUYGEVOORT, Ludo VERHOEVEN, and Anna M. T. BOSMAN
Differences between Children's Handwritten Stories and Those Typed on a Computer

Handwriting Recognition

192 Moumita GHOSH and Ranadhir GHOSH
Offline Handwriting Recognition using Evolutionary Neural Learning Algorithm Based on Rule based Over Segmented Data Points

196 Simon GUENTER and Horst BUNKE
Off-line Cursive Handwriting Recognition - On the Influence of Training Set and Vocabulary Size in Multiple Classifier Systems

200 Tamas VARGA and Horst BUNKE
Effects of Training Set Expansion in Handwriting Recognition Using Synthetic Data

204 Cinthia O.A. FREITAS, Flávio BORTOLOZZI, and Robert SABOURIN
Study of Perceptual Similarity between Different Lexicons Mouse or Touch Panel

208 Roger STEVENSON, James G. PHILLIPS, and Tom J. TRIGGS
Graphics Tablets as Cursor Control Devices II Segments and Shapes

212 Claudio DE STEFANO, Gianluca GUADAGNO, and Angelo MARCELLI
A Decomposition Method for Cursive Handwriting based on Multi-Scale Representation

216 Keisuke MOCHIDA and Masaki NAKAGAWA
Separating Drawings, Formula and Text from Free Handwriting Signature Verification

220 Julio MARTINEZ-R and Rogelio ALCANTARA-S.
Optimal prototype functions of features for on-line signature verification

224 Katrin FRANKE, Lambert SCHOMAKER, and Wolfgang PENK
Online Pen Input and Procedures for Computer Assisted Forensic Handwriting Examination

228 Meenakshi K. KALERA, Bin ZHANG and Sargur N. SRIHARI
Off-line Signature Verification And Identification Using Distance Statistics

On- and Offline Handwriting

233 John FEMIANI, Jeremy ROWE, and Anshuman RAZDAN
3D Analysis of Offline Signatures

237 Giovanni D’ANDRIA, Claudio DE STEFANO, Raffaella FOGLIA, and Angelo
An Algorithm for Handwriting Strokes Reordering

241 Alan HARVEY, Chandra WELIWITAGE, and Andrew JENNINGS
Word Spotting Using Evolutionary Search in Cursive Script

245 Chandra WELIWITAGE, Alan HARVEY, and Andrew JENNINGS
Use of Hough Transform for Handwritten Character Slant Detection

249 Jin-Young HA, Mina PARK, and Alain BIEM
A Study of Various Model Selection Criteria for HMM Topology Optimization

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