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Default Hans-Leo Teulings on Forensic Handwriting Analysis Software

Dr. Hans-Leo Teulings received a MS in experimental physics and biophysics and a PhD in experimental psychology. During more than 30 years he contributed to many grant applications and research papers on handwriting movement analysis. Since 1997 he is CEO of NeuroScriptŪ. offers MovAlyzeRŪ handwriting analysis software which is used worldwide for scientific research and professional application.

This software has been used in several forensic publications:
Caligiuri, M.P. Mohammed, L.A. (2012).
NeuroScience of Handwriting: Applications for Forensic Document Examination
CRC Press (247 pages). ISBN 10: 143987140X / ISBN 13: 9781439871409 (20% IGS Member discount code 083MA)

Heidi H. Harralson (2008).
Forensic Handwriting Examination of Motor Disorders & Forgery: Research and Applications.
VDM Publishing (80 pages). ISBN 3639096770, 9783639096774

Heidi H. Harralson (2012).
Developments in Handwriting and Signature Identification in the Digital Age.
Elsevier (148 pages). Print Book ISBN :9781455731473 eBook ISBN :9781455731565
HLT (Reach me by searching: NeuroScript, Tempe, AZ 85282, USA. Tel +1-480-350 9200)

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