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CALL FOR PAPERS: 16th International Graphonomics Society Conference. Nara, JAPAN, June 10-13. IGS2013 will be held at the campus of the Todai-ji Temple (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Todai-ji), the largest wooden building in the world. Nara is the ancient capital of Japan. It is 1.5 hour from Kansai International Airport. The theme is “Learn from the Past”. Papers on advances in the fields of science, humanities, arts and technology of graphonomics will be considered for publication in Special Issues of Human Movement Science and several others.

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o Neuroscience and Brain science: Development, planning, control, learning and adaptation of grasping, writing & drawing movements; Neuroimaging; Brain mapping.
o Computational models: Biomechanical models; Cognitive models; Handwriting perception and production; Neural Networks.
o Forensic science: Handwriting analysis; Handwriting features; Signature verification; Methods and Computer Tools.
o Pattern recognition: Off-line and On-line handwriting recognition; Writer identification and recognition; Signature verification.
o Historical document processing and archiving: Image processing; Document retrieval; Digital museum.
o Education: Handwriting evaluation; Teaching/Learning handwriting; Handwriting in education.
o Fine arts: Drawing skill evaluation; Teaching/Learning drawing & painting; Writing music; History of writing/drawing in Fine Arts & Music.
o Analysis of fine motor control: Recording; Tracking; Processing; Handwriting production, Tools.
o Medical applications: Movement disorders; Biomarkers and drugs; Rehabilitation therapies.
o Applications: Brain-Machine/Computer Interfaces, Assistive & Rehabilitative robotics;
o Bio-robotics: Pen & touch-base Interfaces.

o Paper submission: December 10, 2012
o Author notification: February 1, 2013
o Camera-ready version: March 1, 2013
o Author registration: March 1, 2013

Conference Chair
Prof. Masaki Nakagawa nakagawa@cc.tuat.ac.jp

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