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    IGS 2021

    The first call for papers for IGS 2021 can be found here (deadline January 30th, 2021): Note that we are currently redesigning our web presence. The new website will be available here soon.
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    IGS 2019 Paper Submissions

    The IGS 2019 EasyChair site is open! => IGS 2019 Paper Submission <=
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    Call for Bids: Website Redesign for IGS

    The IGS seeks to modernize its online presence with a new website. => Call for Bids: Website Redesign for IGS <=
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    IGS 2019

    The IGS 2019 conference website is online! => IGS 2019 Website <=
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    IGS 2017 Proceedings

    The IGS 2017 Proceedings are online. You can find them here: CONTENTS DOWNLOAD Looking forward to IGS 2019!
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    IGS2017.pdf (41 MB) 18th IGS conference: June 18-21, 2017, Gaeta, Italy

    Claudio De Stefano and Angelo Marcelli (Eds.). Graphonomics for e-Citizens: e-Health, e-Society, e-Education. Proceedings of IGS 2017. Gaeta, Italy. ISBN 9788864387062 (217 pages, 50 research articles). DOWNLOAD Edited by: Claudio De...
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    IGS2015.pdf (16 MB) 17th IGS conference: Jun 21-25, 2015, Guadeloupe

    Céline Rémi, Lionel Prévost and Eric Anquetil (Eds.). Drawing, Handwriting Processing Analysis: New Advances and Challenges. Proceedings of IGS 2015. Martinique: UNIVERSITE DES ANTILLES. ISBN 979-10-95177-01-2 (142 pages, 29 extended abstracts). DOWNLOAD...