Lisa Shooman

Lisa Shooman, MS, OTR/L, BSS, CLVT
Occupational Therapist
Function Therapy
26 Dunbar Street
Sharon, MA 02067
Function Therapy
Lisa Shooman
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Fields of Interest
Biomechanical models, Biophysical, muscle physiology, EMG, hand anatomy, Calligraphy and art, Cognitive models, Cognitive science, Development in Children, Education, instruction, teaching methods, Generation of artificial movements, robotics, Remedial teaching, occupational therapy, re-education, writing systems for the handicapped, Letter design for cursive, print, italics, ..., Movement recording equipment, Motor control, accuracy, speed, learning, response preparation, reaction time, Neurological movement disorders, Neuropsychology, movement tests, Pen based interface design, computer mouse gesture movements, Reading of handwriting and print by humans, Recognition systems of optical images of handwriting and drawing, Recognition systems for handwriting, drawing, pen gesture movements, pen computing, Visual perception, feedback, eye monitoring