Computational graphonomics
Austrian Academy of Sciences
Fields of Interest
Neurological models and networks, Biomechanical models, Biophysical, muscle physiology, EMG, hand anatomy, Calligraphy and art, Cognitive models, Cognitive science, Computer science, algorithms, software, Development in Children, Aging and elderly, Drug effects on movement, Education, instruction, teaching methods, Experimental psychology, Forensic document analysis methods and tools, Generation of artificial movements, robotics, Remedial teaching, occupational therapy, re-education, writing systems for the handicapped, Letter design for cursive, print, italics, ..., Movement recording equipment, Motor control, accuracy, speed, learning, response preparation, reaction time, Neurological movement disorders, Neuropsychology, movement tests, Neuroscience, EEG, pharmacokinetics, Other than Roman handwriting systems, Paleography and history, Pen based interface design, computer mouse gesture movements, Psychiatry applications of handwriting and drawing, Reading of handwriting and print by humans, Recognition systems of optical images of handwriting and drawing, Recognition systems for handwriting, drawing, pen gesture movements, pen computing, Signal analysis and digital time-series processing systems, Signature and writer verification and identification systems, Visual perception, feedback, eye monitoring, Writer verification and identification
Additional fields of interest
Image Processing, GIS, Paleography
List of Publications
> “Allographic biometrics and behavior synthesis”, TUGboat [Proceedings of the 14th European TEX Conference (24–7 June 2003, Brest, France)], 24.3 (2003): 998–1002. [URL][/URL]

> « Le Retroencrage – Analyse du ductus des écritures d’après le dégradé du coloris de l’encre » [“Retroinking—finding the direction of writing from the intensity of ink”], Gazette du Livre médiéval, 37 (2000): 34–42. [URL][/URL]

> De la fréquence des lettres et son influence en calligraphie arabe [Of Letter Frequencies and Their Influence on Arabic Calligraphy], Paris, L’Harmattan, 1999, 192 p. [URL][/URL]